Posted by Jenny Morgan

One thing we do on Wednesday nights is that we gather around in the youth room to share different weekly topics. Typically, I read a Bible passage and ask a series of questions around how the verses apply to the youth’s everyday lives. Through these moments, we get to know one another’s concerns, strengths, weaknesses and so on.

About three weeks ago, we were talking about struggles. The question I asked was, “What is the biggest struggle you are facing right now?” I had mentioned that mine involved “trying to decide on our living arrangement,” as this was during the time we had to go to Maryland to be with my dad, who is sick with cancer. My objective was to let these guys know that through all of this, I was at peace because of God’s faithfulness.

Right around 8 pm, Kyree heard from the Lord to pray for me. Usually when we ask our youth to pray, they get shy or start acting silly to try to get out of it. This time it was different. This time they ALL took charge, laid hands on me and prayed over me. This was such a special moment for me, one that I will never forget. I love my youth. Let’s keep them all in prayer!

-By Pastor José