Posted by Jenny Morgan

From the Pastor’s Desk

When we think of hospitality, we think of hotels and vacations. We think of places we want to go to for respite and rest and the kind of treatment we are willing to pay for. It is nice to be treated as honored guests and to be welcomed with great care and attention to detail. The staff who check you in smile as they look up your reservation and get your keys ready. They often ask if you need help with anything and sometimes even have free water or candy or coffee for you as you check in. As you take the elevator to your room, key in hand, you can’t wait to put your stuff down and try the bed. As you open the door and find the room impeccable and smelling fresh, you know you are in for a wonderful stay. You put your things in the room and make yourself comfortable.

When we think of hospitality in the church, we need to start seeing it as our way to help people enter the church and feel welcome and excited to be there. Greet everyone with a smile; it costs nothing and goes a long way to say, “We are glad you are here.” Ask guests if they have any questions, if they have a bulletin, if they know about the connection cards in the pews. Invite visitors to sit near you … be as gracious with them as Christ is with you. Help them feel the way they do when they go into that hotel room on vacation … it is going to be a wonderful stay.

Hospitality is not just for Sunday mornings. It is what we practice during events like Fall Fest. It is connecting with people who we might otherwise not encounter through fun, family-friendly activities and games. Our Fall Fest is only weeks away and we can always use more volunteers to help welcome and serve our community. We serve a God who practiced radical hospitality in Jesus Christ. He welcomed everyone and invited them into a saving relationship with God. He did this by building a relationship with them and getting to know them. Join us in welcoming our community – let’s show them why this is a great place to stay and build a relationship with God!

Key Verse: “And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” – Hebrews 13:16

Prayer for the Day: Lord, help me be eager to welcome those who come my way.

-By Pastor Miguel