Posted by Jenny Morgan

News for Youth

So I took a break from most social media communications: Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. I’m sure that it will be a temporary break for some of these and permanent for others. I still use Facebook for daily devotions and such.

When social media started, I was very hesitant to get into it because I saw that a lot of people would spend so many hours on it and I was not about to fall into that. But when I started our church plant in Henry County, I started using Facebook for networking purposes and then from there, I began to use other types of social media.

I have learned that social media, if it’s used in the right way, can reach so many people for Jesus, and it can be used to plant seeds. However, sometimes we have to be aware if using social media is taking the best out of us.

If we are not careful, social media can separate us from prayer time, from Bible reading time, from family time, and from so many more important ways to spend our time. Here is a tip! As the day has 24 hours, check to see how much of that we spend on social media and how much time we spend engaged with the Lord. If we realize that the Internet wins, then it’s time for an Internet fast. Let us all pray that God will start a fire in us so our passion continues to grow for Jesus. Social media is a good tool for the Gospel if used in the right way.

-By Pastor José