Posted by Jenny Morgan

News for Youth

So summer is here and I am so looking forward to my first summer camp experience with the best youth group on the planet! I love these guys because they keep me young.

I wanted to share a story that I shared with the Latino congregation. When I was about 7 years old, I was playing outside with one of my youngest uncles who is only four years older than me. (Grandma raised the both of us.) As we were playing outside the house, I remember him having this nice bike that I wanted to play with and of course he was just hogging it. Well, as we were fighting for the bike, I hit my wrist on a pole near my house. So I yelled a bad word; I really didn’t know it was a bad word. Living in New York, you would think the “F” bomb was part of our language. Well, I found out it wasn’t suitable for children. So my snitch uncle goes to tell my grandma what happened. She called us both in and locked us in our bedroom and told us, “Now you both are going to pray and ask for forgiveness … you for saying the bad word … and you for being a snitch.” (Way to go Grandma!)

Because Grandma used prayer as a punishment for me, I now thought of prayer as a punishment instead of as a privilege that we have been given. My objective as the youth director is to help kids connect with Jesus and know Him as a God who loves them. I want to teach them how to serve and the privilege it is to do so. This generation will grow up to be a generation of Christ lovers and as they grow with us, I pray that they can enjoy the experience of growing up at Skyland.

I am just getting warmed up and, as I continue to strategize, I am convinced that the best is yet to come!

-By Pastor José Rodriguez