Posted by Jenny Morgan

Praise God that 2017 was an amazing year both in terms of what God provided in unexpected ways and through the faithful donations of our congregation. Because of the funds that came in from the Zink estate, we were able to pay off our loan and have enough left over to provide for several repairs and upgrades. We paid off our deficit from 2016 and tithed 10% of all proceeds from the estate to Missions, which will allow them to branch out into new areas of ministry. Our general funds brought in over $403,000 and the Stoland house brought in $19,500 in rental income. We are being blessed with additional ways to supplement our income through renting space to Open Table, Thrive Development and the Brookhaven Presbyterian tutoring program. We receive quarterly payments from Kroger Community Rewards and Amazon Smiles.

Our expenses were $399,792 for the year, leaving us with a net income of $91,387. Our facilities management group continues to look for additional ways to use our spaces to increase both our visibility in the community and sources of additional income. We believe that God has new and exciting plans on the way for Skyland in 2018 and that our faithful congregation will welcome the future with faith and obedience as He directs our path.

-By the Finance Committee