Posted by Jenny Morgan

From the Pastor’s Desk

We call this season fall and it is true that many have fallen. Fallen victims to devastating hurricanes and fallen victims to earthquakes and natural disasters of all kinds.

As human beings we are used to falling. We fall as toddlers as we learn to walk. We fall as children as we try to run. We fall as teens as we try to fit in. We fall as adults as we try to succeed in life. We fall as seniors as our bodies struggle to keep up at times. So falling is not new. It has been happening to us metaphorically and literally since the fall of Adam and Eve.

So what has changed? What is different now? That when we fall, be it literally or metaphorically, we no longer have to stay down. We are a people of hope, a people that believe in a God who raised his Son, Jesus Christ, from death itself to give us eternal life, a people who can trust that, when we fall down, He lifts us up. The hope that we have is contagious. It reminds others that they too can have hope and redemption from their fallenness. It reminds others that what has been torn down can be rebuilt and that there is always hope no matter how grim the situation might be.

While we are a people of hope, we are also called to be a people of action. We cannot sit idly by and watch as people suffer when we have ways to bring them hope and help in real, tangible ways. As I watched the pictures and videos of the island where I grew up, as I pondered the road ahead for my local church roofless and destroyed, as I saw the look of despair and desperation in some of the people, I felt called to action, to find ways to serve and give to those in need. I was reminded that I, too, have been there…in the pit of despair at times and it has been the helping hands of fellow believers that lifted me up and helped me to get on my feet. I have fallen, as we all have, but I got up and so will the Puerto Rican people.

I hope and pray you will join Pastor José and me in doing what we can to send supplies to the island, to lend a helping hand, and to say with one voice, “You are not alone, we will help you rise up again.” After all, we are a people of hope; it is what we do best. We share the hope of salvation and grace in Jesus Christ as we love people and help people stand up when they have fallen down. May the grace of God that lifts us up from our fallenness move us to help those who are still down.

-By Pastor Miguel