Posted by Jenny Morgan

The Bishop and the cabinet are recommending that we do not resume services until after May 13. They will provide further guidance on April 27.

Mother’s Day
There is a good chance we will not be able to resume services by Mother’s Day, so for now we will plan to continue posting online worship services until we get the all clear. That being said, I’d like to include something special for Mother’s Day in the service.

Every year, we request donations of $1 per name to honor your wife, mother, grandmother, sister or any other special woman in your life to benefit Wellroot (formerly called the United Methodist Children’s Home). Please send your list of names to, 1850 Skyland Terrace, Brookhaven, GA 30319 (mail must arrive by May 4). You may also call or text 404-316-6637. Donations can be mailed as checks to the church or given through Paypal (keep in mind they charge a 3% fee) or your bank’s online bill pay option. Mother’s Day booklets will be emailed on May 10 and can also be mailed upon request.

In addition to our honor and remembrance list to help raise funds for Wellroot, I’d like us to record short video clips to our moms, living or gone to glory. These can be emailed to Pete Wages at who will put them in a montage. If you don’t want to do a video, you may send a picture of your mom with biographical info (e.g. mother of three, with children’s names) or a picture of you and your mom (please indicate if your mom is living or if it’s a remembrance).

Personal Message
At this time I want to personally encourage you to continue to be careful. Some will go out this Friday after restrictions are eased and take unnecessary risks. I don’t want you to be one of them. Take necessary precautions if you do decide to go out and if at all possible delay going out for at least another week or so to see if the easing of restrictions causes new infections in Georgia. We all want to go back to our regular lives. I miss you all incredibly, but I love you too much to want to put you at risk just so we can see each other sooner than we should. God is not limited to the church building; He never has been and never will be. So continue to work on your personal relationship with Him daily, so that when we come out of this situation, we can come out stronger in our faith. As I have said before, locked doors can’t keep Jesus out so let Him into your home, invite the Holy Spirit to be your shelter-in-place companion, and soon we will be able to rejoice together in the Sanctuary with songs of praise and thanksgiving.

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Dr. Miguel A. Velez