Posted by Jenny Morgan

From the Pastor’s Desk

The apostle Paul often wrote to the churches thanking God for their faithful work for the kingdom. In these letters, he often writes about how thankful he is to God for having the opportunity to serve with them in ministry. Today, I must admit, I truly understand that sense of thankfulness and appreciation. I feel it too. It is a blessing to be the pastor of a congregation with a heart for God’s people, a congregation willing to give of themselves to share the love of Christ and a congregation who is not shy about the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

I have led many planning sessions in my 22 years of ministry and I have to say that you are by far the most active and responsive group of laity that I have ever had the privilege of working with. It was great to overhear the conversations at the tables as people wrestled with the vision and mission of the church. It was neat to see the diversity of opinions come together in Christian conferencing as we came to a general consensus on our plans for the year. God has already done so much great ministry among you and it was very exciting to see the new and exciting ministry ideas and initiatives that are emerging from our discussions.

Visioning and planning is never an end onto itself. It is not something we do once and forget about, but rather something we become immersed in as we seek to change the culture of our church in ministry. The way we become the people of God we are called to be in our community will greatly affect our outreach and evangelism efforts. With God’s help, we will be a more diverse, Spirit-filled family growing all in Christ. However, it will not happen without us opening ourselves up to the possibilities of what God has in store for us. As we pursue and proclaim Christ to bring wholeness to lives and communities, we are being perfected in love and God is using us to bless others.

In conclusion, I have to say that I am excited about what God will do with us, for us, through us and in us in ministry. Our God is awesome, yet so much more, and I am convinced that with His help, our ministry will continue to be awesome as we build the kingdom of God together!

-By Pastor Miguel