Posted by Jenny Morgan

News for Youth

There are a couple of things I have learned in this past month while hanging out with our youth. One is that I have realized that I am not as young as they are LOL! Second is how much I love these kids. I see that they want to do so much, yet they are also figuring out how to do it. They all have so much potential and I know that in the near future we will identify where is it that God wants each of them to serve.

As I continue to know them all better, I know that God will lead our steps. When I was that age, I remember that I struggled in finding out who I was. Society has always treated us like we will never accomplish anything. I wish society could see me now.

I believe in our youth and I pray that God will continue to guide them and protect them from any evil attempt from the enemy. To my youth, if you get to read this, just know that I believe in you, and that I love you all. My goal is to see you G.R.O.W. We will do it together!

-By Pastor José Rodriguez