Posted by Jenny Morgan

From the Pastor’s Desk

I have been trying to lose weight for a while now. Following a diet does not seem to be very compatible with church life. If you are Methodist, it can be an outright impossibility. At every turn, there is some yummy food, donuts, morning bagels, baked bread or something else that is sure to mess up your diet. One of the things you do if you are on a diet is monitor your weight. This requires you to get on a scale, yes, a scale, on a regular basis. One day, as I was climbing on my scale for my morning weigh in, the digital display flashed a giant “E.” I wondered if my scale had had enough of me getting on it every day and the E stood for enough! I had to look at the documentation that came with the scale to discover that E stood for Error. Something had gone wrong as I got on the scale and it was not able to take my weight. I could not help but feel a bit discouraged when I saw the E. No one likes to be called an error or to feel like others have had enough of us. Sometimes when you get on that scale, it is easy to let the number displayed affect your whole day, as if your weight defined you. On other days, when the number is lower than in days past, the scale is your best friend, encouraging you to keep going.

The scale doesn’t lie. Though our weight fluctuates regularly, the scale does indicate your overall weight when averaged over time. It is a good way to see progress in your weight loss, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. We are more than a number and more than our weight. You can get in better shape and still weigh close to the same weight by turning fat into muscle. Many people struggle with their weight and feel discouraged when they can’t manage it. They step on the scale and it feels like the “E” is blurting out at them “ERROR” or “ENOUGH.” Sometimes we also get that same feeling when others judge us or put us down.

As I pondered this experience the Lord spoke to me. He reminded me that my worth and value is not found in a number. It is not based on what the scale says and it is not even based on what others have to say about me or think about me. My worth comes from the One who made me in His image, the One who died for my sins, the One who has promised me eternal life. Jesus constantly reminds me that I am enough, not because of what I do for Him or what I give Him, but simply because He loves me. Not only am I enough, He is also enough for me. Jesus is always enough, enough to cover all our sins and forgive us, enough to sustain us in difficult times, enough to lead us to good and better things, enough to instruct our daily lives, enough to heal all our diseases, enough to fill us with joy, love and peace. So, the next time you see an “E,” don’t think of yourself as an Error. Think of yourself as someone who knows the One who is Enough and more than Enough to fill all your needs. Think of yourself as one who is loved Enough that God was willing to die for you on the cross. You are Enough because Jesus loves you!

Pray: God, thank you for being Enough for me and for reminding me that I am Enough for you to love.

Pastor Miguel