Posted by Jenny Morgan

In the book of Genesis, the Word says, “In the beginning, God created heaven and earth.” He described earth as a flat mess. And also a place that was empty. I am amazed at how God saw this emptiness and cast His vision into its final outcome. He started ordering and organizing and transforming that mess into a beautiful creation.

One thing that speaks to me is that when God saw the earth, as disordered and empty as it was, He never said, “Man, what a piece of junk, I’m not fooling with this.” Instead, God saw what was going to become of this mess.

This reminds me of when I rescued my dog Lulu. Lulu is a beautiful Lhasa Apso who was in such bad shape. When I was told about her and went to see her, her hair was full of knots and she was shaking, skinny and pitiful. But her face was so beautiful that I saw what would become of this beautiful dog. Today, Lulu is one happy, beautiful dog who is a big part of our family.

What about us? When God saw me, I was disordered, empty and had absolutely no purpose. But God saw beyond that and formed me into who I am today. God will never turn anyone away and is ready to transform us from a mess into His image.

Remember two things: God loves us all and He will never turn anyone away.

-By Pastor José